A Case Of Relevancy

Prestige Auto Tech

The Project

Prestige auto tech is a repair shop in Miami Florida, that specializes in the repair and maintenance of European vehicles. Serving the area of South Florida Prestige has distinguished from the competition because of its quality customer service and convenience comparing to European auto dealers which can get quite expensive. Prestige Auto Tech was founded in 2006 as a small repair shop that offered a family approach service to its first customers but it had evolved into a 6 man team by 2014 when Sheaf Media started working with this business.

The Challenge

Despite running search engine campaigns with a national advertising agency, Prestige Auto Tech was not generating enough leads to keep all of their mechanics busy during the week. Using a one-page landing page for its campaigns, Prestige Auto Tech had managed to generate a couple of leads per week. Wanting to capitalize on this previous success Prestige Auto Tech knew they needed a seasoned partner that would be able to take their efforts to the next level.

Not Enough Work

Approach and Goals

Unable to improve their lead generation efforts with its previous agency, Prestige Auto Tech turned to Sheaf Media Group for help. Our team quickly started working on a strategic plan that would help them increase business and improve their online presence. Initially, our team sat down with the owners of Prestige Auto Tech to determine their goals for their investment. From this meeting we learned that Prestige Auto Tech was mainly interested in two things, one was to increase the number of calls and customers the shop was receiving, two was to position Prestige Auto Tech as a brand for European and luxury vehicles in the digital space.

With our goals established we dug into all data available from previous efforts to form a strategy that would get winning results. Our team designed a campaign that will concentrate on the 3 main services we offer, which are pay-per-click, search engine optimization and web design.

To begin with our conversion team redesign their website, we added more depth by increasing the number of pages and content for different services and brands, additionally, we establish click funnels to drive and measure conversions for each visit the site received. Secondly, we researched keywords and competitive terms that would provide winning results for the client and we separated it according to competition to determine the appropriate channels for each keyword. Finally, our content team worked closely with Prestige Auto Tech, to create relevant content and increase engagement on and off-page.

The Results

prestige auto tech results

Website Visitors

Analytics Prestige Auto Tech

Call Volume Report

call volume report
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