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Clark Elevator

The Project

Clark Elevator is a local business in the South Florida area, that offers installation, repair, and maintenance for elevators, escalators and handicap lifts. Before 2015 Clark Elevator relied on old advertising methods and word of mouth to generate business. Naturally, this wasn't a steady source of leads and customers thus the company always remained a small family business. In 2015 the company had a major change in management and with that came an innovative approach that opened the doors for Sheaf Media Group to help launch this business into the digital advertising world.

The Challenge

Like most small businesses in America whose advertising efforts mostly rely on word of mouth, Clark Elevator had two issues, that if not properly dealt with can take a business to the ground, those issues were a lack of new leads and customers plus a constraint budget because most of the income that it generated was going back to the operation. For Clark Elevator to successfully introduced its business and services online, it will take a dedicated expert that will know how to navigate such competitive waters. That is where Sheaf Media stepped in. 

Not Enough Budget

Approach and Goals

As it is in every case the first step of the advertising process was to meet with the owner of the business to gather as much information as possible and come up with an effective plan of action. Once our team realized the budget was the biggest hurdle, we decided to take this campaign to the fastest approach possible. Once a small but appropriate budget was agreed with the client, our team started with a Pay-Per-Click campaign. Most of the time was allocated to researching low competition, cost-effective keywords that would bring fast results in ways of new customers, which would increase revenue, which in turn will help fund other advertising channels.

Our approach of concentrating on one channel was complemented by a professional website that was optimized for conversions such as leads and phone calls. 

The Results

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