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search engine marketing
search engine marketing

Structure Of A Search Results Page

A search engine is a directory database that provides relevant valuable information to a search user when they are looking for information. Two of the most popular search engines are Google and Bing. Below you will find a sample of a search engine results page and we brake down each section for you to understand each of our services within search engines. 

Search Engine Marketing Services

search engine marketing

Search Engine Advertising

Researching, creating and optimizing your ads in top positions for search engine platforms like Google & Bing.

Display Advertising & Remarketing

Creating, managing and placing ad banners and videos on popular pages relevant to your niche market.

E-Commerce Advertising

Creating, managing and updating product feeds and product listing ads for platforms such as Amazon & Google 

Social Media

Creating and managing pay-per-click ads for social media platforms. Driving actions to your website or campaign.


Improving cost while increasing sales thru our data analysis approach that measures every action taken on your website. 

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Building Search Engine Marketing Campaigns For Your Business.

Our approach focuses on your business needs, we drive cost effective traffic to your website giving you the ability to compete relatively quickly in your area. 


This stage is for discovery, learning about your market and your business, learning about your competition and building ideas that can help your campaign


Here your campaign starts to take form, starting off with persona building and audience definitions, designing the right copy to engage each of your persona types.


This stage focuses on building keyword list, placement list, audiences list, ad copy, ad extensions, landing pages and obtaining all required approvals before launch.


Once we obtain all pre-approvals from search engine platforms, it’s time for you to review your campaign provide approval and launching it to all selected platforms.


Once traffic is generated and visitors start landing on your page, it’s time to measure your campaigns, make adjustments, improve on your success and continue to repeat the formula.

Search Engine Marketing Management Services

Continual management is always necessary for pay-per-click campaigns. Is important for your campaign to keep up with platform updates, industry changes and best practices to make your campaign a long term success. Our services don’t just stop once your campaign is create we help your business with full management services.

Acount Audit

Constantly reviewing your account and making changes to improve results.

Keyword Research

Finding, adding and removing the right keyword or search term from your campaign.

Ad Creation

Using the art of persuasion trough ad and creatives to promote your website.

Bidding Optimization

Knowing and optimizing how much you are willing to pay per click can sometimes make or brake a campaign.

Budget Optimization

Allocating the appropriate budget for a campaign and administrating your monthly budget correctly.

Extension Management

Adding your address, your phone number, promotions, links to main pages on your website and more.

Landing Page Creation

Redirecting your traffic to the right page with the right content helping you increase conversions.


Making constant improvement to your landing pages, ads, keywords and campaigns.


Measuring, analyzing and reporting all data obtain thru your online advertising efforts.

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